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Anne Lennox-Martin Wins BIFM Award For Profound Impact On The FM Industry

Anne Lennox-Martin wins BIFM Award for Profound Impact on the FM Industry

Anne Award 1Original article appeared in FM World

Anne Lennox-Martin was declared the “outright winner” of this category by the BIFM judges in October 2013, who were impressed by the lasting legacy she has built in creating training tailored to achieving better customer service.

Customer service will always be at the crux of facilities management, which is why Lennox-Martin’s mission to enhance customer-facing skills is deemed to have had a profound impact on the industry.

Advocating NLP and emotional intelligence (EI) techniques to inspire the next generation of facilities professionals, Lennox-Martin trained upwards of 1,300 people on BIFM Training’s Understanding FM Foundation Course Customer Focus module, and more still through bespoke, in-house courses and with other training organisations.

Her focus on NLP and EI has seen participants report a long-term increase in motivation, plus improvement in delivery of customer service and the way teams interact.

The NLP and EI elements of her training for Scottish Parliament, for example, were said to have significantly boosted motivation and, according to head of FM service delivery Brian Mitchell, “made us think deeply about our behaviour and how we interact with each other”.

The University of Arts London also said the training had provided a “significant and lasting impact on the facilities management team”, adding that it had transformed a negative, inward-looking and reactive service into a proactive, responsive and customer-focused one.

Lennox-Martin hasn’t stopped at simply delivering training, however. Via a packed schedule of public speaking, sharing slides with fellow trainers so they can spread the message, and engaging the younger FM community through LinkedIn and Twitter, she is looking to ensure the longevity of her impact.

Her tireless devotion to the profession even includes publishing her core messages about addressing peoples’ unconscious through their values and belief systems in the 2010 BIFM Good Practice Guide to Customer Care, which she collaborated on with Ivan Newman.

Anne Award 2Lennox-Martin’s profound impact on the industry is self-evident and ongoing, as she serves on the WIFM mentoring scheme to inspire a new generation of FMs.


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